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Learn Tommys technique for comic book inking! Watch him create an inked Illustration, step by step, explaining everything he does as he goes. He will cover topics such as composition, rendering techniques, recovering from Mistakes, and many more. You'll also learn about the brushes, inks, markers, and paper he uses during "TOOL TALK."

This is a Level 3: Advanced Studies lesson. 

Advanced studies are for the student who has a strong foundation, and a basic level of understanding of the craft of comics. On this level, the student will be introduced to advanced concepts of storytelling, drawing, inking, composition, color, etc. These lessons give you a peek into the work and the minds of today's most profound and prolific comic book artists. Here you will learn original ideas and techniques that each artist has built and learned as they developed into the unique artistic voice that they are now.This level is where you LEARN to put all the pieces together so you can create your very own comic! This level is equivalent to your senior year of college, mainly focused on your senior art project!

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Each video in the library is taught by a professional comic book artist. With this unique and intimate learning experience, you will be given access to the artist’s every thought, technique, and intent as they create one-of-a-kind pieces of art on camera. Thanks to the on-demand streaming format, you can watch from the comfort of your home, studio, or just about anywhere you want. Start your INKPULP INSTRUCTION journey today and join the new wave of art education.

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