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Learn Shawn's tried and true method for taking care of those expensive brushes! You can make your brushes last twice a long while performing better than you imagined. . He will walk you through all the stages of brush care, from cleaning to storage. Also, learn how the media that you use to create with can help or hurt those precious daggers.

This is a Level 2: Core Studies lesson. 

Core studies are where you start to develop a focus and concentration on areas SPECIFIC to creating comics. At this level, your foundational studies will be put to use, building on them, allowing you to learn these more advanced concepts and techniques. This level is where you learn to CREATE pieces of a comic book, individually. This level is equivalent to your sophomore and junior years of college.

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Each video in the library is taught by a professional comic book artist. With this unique and intimate learning experience, you will be given access to the artist’s every thought, technique, and intent as they create one-of-a-kind pieces of art on camera. Thanks to the on-demand streaming format, you can watch from the comfort of your home, studio, or just about anywhere you want. Start your INKPULP INSTRUCTION journey today and join the new wave of art education.

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