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Traditional Comic Book Inking is a very specific tradition, with tools that are strange and unfamiliar to the inexperienced hand. Shawn has become well known for his precision based Brush inking, some calling him "The Surgeon." In this lesson, Shawn will walk you through several exercises for several different traditional inking tools. These are simple exercises that anyone can perform and will help all of you gain control of these traditional tools, while teaching you how, when, and why to put them to use. Shawn's "Tool Talk" chapter of this episode is a deep dive into all manner of nibs and brushes, all of which are demonstrated in the lessons and exercises he demonstrates.

This is a Level 1: Foundation Studies lesson. 

 Foundation studies are your entry level classes. These course studies help you to build a solid foundation that will directly apply to your core studies. This level includes topics such as Figure Drawing, Perspective, Composition, Introductions to art related software, Exercises, and some slightly more advanced concepts like Foundational Storytelling. This level is where you develop the skills needed BEFORE creating a comic. This level is equivalent to your Freshman year of college.

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Each video in the library is taught by a professional comic book artist. With this unique and intimate learning experience, you will be given access to the artist’s every thought, technique, and intent as they create one-of-a-kind pieces of art on camera. Thanks to the on-demand streaming format, you can watch from the comfort of your home, studio, or just about anywhere you want. Start your INKPULP INSTRUCTION journey today and join the new wave of art education.

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