PODCAST PRODUCTION, How to create a podcast Part 1, with Alan O.W. Barnes

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One of the most interesting and effective way an individual can build and nurture a relationship with their fan base is through the medium of Podcasting.

Starting a podcast can be extremely intimating and overhwleing. INKPULP INSTRUCTION is offering the first of this two part series to help make this journey into podcasting as easy and efficient as possible.

In this lesson, part 1, Alan will teach you everything you need to know about Podcast Production. What tools you should buy, how to use the equipment, pitfalls to avoid, and what software to use.

This is a Level B: Business Practices Lesson

Business Practices are lessons focused on teaching one of the most important and neglected aspects of being a professional artist, The BUSINESS of Art. In this level you will find lessons about  Social Media practices, marketing strategies, financial practices, and more.

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