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With the INKPULP INSTRUCTION monthly subscription, you will have access to the most comprehensive tool for learning how to become a professional comic book artist at your fingertips. The subscription provides unlimited access to the entire library of streaming videos. You'll get access to all of the Foundational level lessons, Core lessons, Advanced Study lessons, and Business level lessons. No matter where you are in your artistic journey, you will have everything you need to become the artist of your dreams.

What Students Are Saying:

“I just finished watching this and my goodness, these five hours were CRUCIAL for me. This is what I’ve been looking for for so long. I just watched the best of the best solve problems in real time and then explain those solutions.

It’s also changed the way I look at Shawn’s art now. I’m looking at one of his books and it’s like I know how he drew every line. I can see the steps he took and the choices he had to make on every page. For the first time it actually seems achievable for me.

I learned so many things about the process that I’ve never been able to derive from the many books I’ve read or tutorials watched or classes I’ve taken.

Thank you guys so much and I can’t wait to dive into your other content!”

Rocky F.

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Each video in the library is taught by a professional comic book artist. With this unique and intimate learning experience, you will be given access to the artist’s every thought, technique, and intent as they create one-of-a-kind pieces of art on camera. Thanks to the on-demand streaming format, you can watch from the comfort of your home, studio, or just about anywhere you want. Start your INKPULP INSTRUCTION journey today and join the new wave of art education.


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